Terms and Conditions

Bunnybet88 is authorized to operate online sports bet and online casinos which are under the control of Philippine government by the international standards.

  1. Definition 

1.1 The following provisions stipulate terms and conditions covering the use of services which are provided by SCS Entertainment (Hereinafter referred to as " Service provider", "We", or "Our" in the relevant contents). It can always be found via www.bunnybet88.com and other websites which are provided by service providers("via website") and any softwares ("service"). These provisions are intended to read with specific gaming rules and general betting rules( collectively called, House Betting Rules) which can be applied to any terms and conditions that are used to control the use of services, software, website access, and the all combined information (collectively called "Terms and Conditions).

1.2 "Application" means software installed on the devices and running on Apple iOS system and Android OS (including any occasional upgrades)

"Bet" or gamble, for purposes of terms and conditions, means limitlessness, betting, gaming and gambling. Any related operation and/or all services offered on the website.

"Device" means any device to access the program but not including personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, Digital assistants, phones, PDAs, mobile devices, and Apple iOS and Android OS systems which are used for accessing the website and participation in the service.

"Account" means one person for one usage account which relates to the use in only one country. It can be activated by each person individually and we allow such people to participate in betting.

"Software" means computer programs, data files or other contents (including any user data which relates to the previous meaning). It also means the applications provided by your service provider and must be installed on your device in order to help you access and participate in the service via your device.

"Sports book" means the internet betting system which can be accessed and/or presented in the section of the website that contains the topic "Sports book" and other related services including the playing online game activities.

  1. Acceptance

2.1 By (i) clicking on the related button "Register" and (ii) clicking on the check box which is next to "By submitting a request for this application, I confirm that I reach legal age and my activities on the website are not contrary to the law and my own authority. I also agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy by submitting this program". You acknowledge and agree that:

  1. You have read carefully and agree to these terms and conditions
  2. You accept the policies and practices which are identified in the usage policy as referred to herein.


iii. These terms and conditions are legally binding ("Agreement") between you and service providers who relate to the use and service.

2.2 If you do not accept any part of terms and conditions, please do not click on "Register" or the check box. Do not attempt to use, operate, or download and/or install any software.

  1. Revision

3.1 The service provider reserves the right to modify, update or change the terms and conditions and the betting rules of the company (or any part in this) that are relevant at any time. For revision, it will be published via the website. The revision of terms and conditions and the betting rules of the company will be effective upon notification via the website. After the announcement, continuous access and participation in the service on/or via the website of the service provider and device will be considered if you agree to revision, the terms and conditions and the betting rules of the company.

3.2 You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for reviewing any updates and / or any modifications. The service provider may exercise its discretion to inform you for each update and the revision. The notification from the service provider will exercise its discretion to continuous occurrence without obligation to the service provider for each revision and update notifications.

  1. Information and intellectual property

4.1 Information, content, or numeric data which are provided, or you can use on, or cause and/or stored by the website, service, and/or via devices, and/or in any forms including, limitlessness. Marketing program, content, results, statistics, sports information and match schedules, price and bet component, texts, graphic, video and any other information, which are provided by the service provider (collectively called, "Information"), will belong to the service provider and/or relevant people and are authorized in privacy use only, not for commercial.

4.2 Specific records will be prepared by agreement and these conditions. You must not find any ways to adjust, duplicate, edit, reproduce, keep, distribute, or present in the public area. Including transmission via cable, publication, transmission, sale, rent, lease, or issue a license and others that make the information to individual or other websites, online service, bulletin board, or other media and/or devices without the consent form from the service provider, or in case of third party information without the consent form from the owner of the property rights in any information.

4.3 Software, service and information provided on the website and/or via copyright protected device, trademark and in any forms that is intellectual property and property, rights, ownership and all benefits in the software, service and information on the website will show ownership by license and / or controlled by the service provider and/or licensor of the service provider. You agree that you will not violate copyright and benefits or any licenses to the software (beyond those clearly stated under this agreement (see item 9.2)), service and used information, and access what has been prepared on the website and/or via the device.

  1. Conditions of use

5.1 According to the terms of using the service, you must assure and be responsible that you will not use or access the website, service, software and/or information for any purposes which is illegal under any law that can apply to you, or it is prohibited by and/or violate the agreement and the conditions. Members who live in the following countries, will not be allowed to participate in betting and/or bitting activities : Philippines, Taiwan, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, and Reunion. In addition, Singapore law also prohibits websites, services and/or software to those living in Singapore. Everyone living in Singapore will also be blocked from accessing all betting websites, especially (beyond other expressions and the warranty which is already set in the terms and conditions). You assure and be responsible that

  1. You must not live or stay in the countries which are mentioned above when using or accessing the website service and/or software.
  1. You must act in your own name with your own ability, and not in the name of others.

iii. You are not controlled by limiting legal ability.

  1. You are not judged or classified as a player who cannot control himself, or already have a player account.
  1. You are in the age of (a) 18 years old or (b) in any age following the legal age, or age or adhere to any law which is used to judge you that you are older (" legal age").
  1. You are aware of the risk of losing money in the way of service.

vii. You will not deposit money that has originated from corruption or any illegal or unauthorized activity.

viii. You must not induce corruption, or be illegal, or any unauthorized activities and/or intend to use your account which is opened with the service provider to contact other activities. You will not use or allow other people to use the service and bet on your account for fraudulent purposes or any illegal activity, including limitlessness, money laundering under any law which applies to you or service provider.

  1. Keep your account username and password secret and prevent unauthorized access or use. Be assured that you change your password immediately. If your username, password or secret of your account is attacked you must notify us immediately.
  1. The sole responsibility for any activities or all that occur under access and use the service on and via the website, and/or the device under your username, account number and password regardless of whether access and/or use is allowed or acknowledged by you.
  1. Do not use service via the website, device, software or information in a conflict way, or may conflict with the availability of the service or on the website to other users or not doing anything that is downgraded or may reduce the level of the operating system of the service, or via the website.

xii. Do not induce or find ways to search any information that relate to other users.

xiii. Do not upload or distribute the program, file or any information with a fraud virus, or affect the performance of the operating system of the device, software, service and/or website.

xiv. Accessing or using the service and your information on and via the website, and/or device which are not illegal or prohibited by laws that apply to you, or a commitment which apply to you personally, or with any people in the country where you are accessing the website or use the device.

  1. Do not use device, robot, spiders program, software, instructions, or other ways (or any previously natural ways) in the conflict way, or attempt to conflict with the normal functions of the service, device, software via the website, information or transactions offered from the website or / and via the device.

xvi. Do not post or transfer these things to other websites and devices or to other individual, for example, anything which is considered by the discretion of the service provider, interference, inappropriate, threatening, defamatory, slanderous, obscene, provocative, racial or ethical or blasphemous argument or any content that cause or induce corruption or violate any law.

xvii. You must not be an officer, leader, employee, consultant, business partner or agent of SCS188 or any companies that are related to SCS188, or have a relationship, or be a partner of the person above.

xviii. Do not conflict to other users who use the service via the website, device and/or information, or initiate, and/or commit by surveying, contest, submitting newsletters, and/or transfer "Junk mail", "Internet messages" or message distribution, or any solicitation email.

xix. Acknowledge that the service provider will determine the outcome of the game that is played on the website and you must accept the result. In addition, you must acknowledge in case of any conflict between the results of the games that appear in the game software and servers. The results displayed on the game server may make you more agreeable and acceptable, but the information that the service provider has recorded is considered the final decision of participation in your gaming activities.

  1. Acknowledge that the service provider or payment in the name of the service provider to manage financial transactions. ("Financial Operations"). Moreover, You agree that the payment process reserves the right to suspend any payments as reasonably or in the discretion which believes or proves that you may be involved in any violation of the law or is an inappropriate activity.

xxi. Acknowledge that you must be responsible for the procurement and maintenance of the computer devices, telecommunications networks and internet signals that are used to access. The service provider will not be responsible in any way for any loss that happened to you by the internet signal or any telecommunications service provider which you are involved with to access the website.

xxii. You will not do anything that will affect the reputation of the service provider, or software provider or other related service providers.

xxiii. All details that you provide or receive in the registration process for using the service will be collected and you need to update such details as appropriate when there are any changes.

xxiv. You did not conspire to participate directly or indirectly in any conspiracy project with other players in any betting activity.

xxv. The cash card / credit card that you use in the registration process belongs to the owner of the account that is registered, and the card has not been reported to be lost or stolen.

xxvi. You must not have a previous account that has been suspended or canceled either by service providers or other online game operators.

xxvii. For opening a player account, you must not provide any false information to the service provider, especially the wrong information or misleading information.

5.2 Considered wrong, If a person is under the legal age to use the website and software provided. If the service provider can confirm that you are still not legally valid, the service provider reserves the right to close your player account and proceed properly.

  1. The following provisions shall apply when accessing services through mobile devices
  2. The service provider provides you free application services, but please note that the normal rate of service usage and fees, such as sending messages or using data, is still effective.
  1. The application allows you to access the functions that are available on the website. Such access will be subject to these terms and conditions.

iii. You acknowledge the terms of the agreement with your relevant mobile network provider (Mobile service provider) will still be effective when using the application. As a result, you may be charged by the mobile service provider for the cost of accessing or connecting at the time of connection. While access to the application or such third-party charges may occur, you must accept responsibility for any expenses that may occur.

  1. If you did not pay for the mobile device which is used to access the application, you may assume that

you are allowed for payment to use the application.

  1. This application is applicable to mobile phones with Apple iOS and Android OS systems. The service provider will try to make the application work appropriately for the device at all times. However, you agree that the application provided beyond internet and telephone signals. In addition, the availability of applications may be affected by other factors beyond the control of the service provider.
  1. The service providers, company groups, and contractors do not take any responsibility for the unavailability of the application, or any difficulty which is unable to download or access content, or the failure of any other communication systems that may result in the inability to use the application.

vii. The service provider will not be responsible for any support or maintenance for the application.

viii. For using the application, you must have a mobile phone or mobile device which supports the internet and the minimum requirements required (Software requirements).

  1. The soft requirements are as follows; Apple iOS system and Android OS system.
  1. The version of the application may always need to be upgraded to support new functions and services.
  1. Registration for a bet account and apply for membership

7.1 For playing and betting with the service provider, you must complete the application form to register an account and apply for membership. This is the first process to access the website (Membership application).

7.2 You are representative and responsible for all information delivered by you, at the time of registration and membership application, is accurate and complete in all respects, including your name on the membership application form ("Name"), the source of funds (including the bank account and card number) and address.

7.3 The service provider will evaluate reasonably and appropriately to ensure that your personal information disclosed to service providers is kept secret. The service providers will not report or disclose personal information or your betting information, if not enforced by laws and regulations that apply to court orders, or gambling issues, or to enforce any legal assignments or other conditions for agreement and these conditions are your sole responsibility to keep your personal information secret. The service provider reserves the right to disclose or transfer your personal information to the payment service provider and financial institutions in the limited necessary to complete payment for those providing services via the website, or being forced to apply legal and gambling-related regulations, or legal enforcement.

7.4 It is your sole responsibility to ensure that applying legal with you will not prohibit you from using and access via website ,and the information contained therein, downloading and installing the software and / or use and participation in service.

7.5 We need additional evidence to find your identity and your age to confirm your membership application (such as Identity photo and debit / credit card). If there are any changes of your information details from the original that you informed, you will notify the service provider of any side changes immediately to confirm your name and address. The service provider reserves the right by international law, among other things, to confirm your name and address immediately. The service provider may exercise discretion to be responsible for checking the additional security to any information you provide by agreeing to these terms and conditions that you allow the service provider to access, operate and collect the results of identity verification or check that may be compared to you.

7.6 The service provider reserves the right to refuse your membership application without reference or giving any reason.

7.7. Please note that

  1. Only the website that appears on the service provider's Live Chat or announcement page will be considered belong to the service provider. The service provider is not responsible for members who access other phishing websites which is similar to the website of the service provider. Please contact the customer service in case of any questions.
  1. There is no email from the service provider to notify the connection (Link) to log in page , or to the page that identifies your personal information including your password.

iii. The service provider will not ask you to disclose your password, PIN or any security codes via phone or email.

7.8 You are allowed to open just one player account with the service provider. If the service provider found that you have opened more than one player account, the service provider reserves the right to suspend additional accounts and maintain your account for only one account. The winning amount is void and only the deposit amount is returned (in amount that less than the winning and voided amount), and cancel additional accounts and / or cancel this agreement with you

  1. Betting and Bet Acceptance Procedure

8.1 The service provider will accept betting games, Sports and other matches which are announced on the website and/or via devices that always occur continuously. Each betting will be controlled under the betting rules of the company that applied to each match or game ,and with the agreement and these conditions. If the announcement has errors or missed, or there is a reference that any matches are inaccurate, all bets on that match will be considered void. Any mistake from the bet system, the service provider reserves the right to void any or all bets.

8.2 However, other management in these terms and conditions, the service provider reserves the right to exercise discretion carefully to reject all or some part of any betting without giving any reason.

8.3 The service provider will accept bets made via the internet and/or device that agree to these terms and conditions. Bets will not be accepted in other ways ( whether it is mail, email, fax, etc.) and when received will be considered void regardless of the results of the match.

  1. The service provider reserves the right to temporarily suspend and / or close the customer's account if the service provider believes that you have violated the agreement or other forced rules, or fraud, hacking, destruction, change or damage to bet for distorting from normal. Winning and/or payment in the remaining balance of the account will be forfeited and will be considered void. The service provider would like to inform you that in such cancellation, the service providers do not need to provide time or prior notice.
  1. All forms of "unusual bets", including the use of intelligent programs or "bots" on the internet, will be canceled without warning including attempt to use other intelligent programs by the member or bring out to those members' accounts.

8.4 By complying with other requirements herein, bets will be placed correctly if the user ID and your password is entered correctly by having enough budget according to your account.

8.5 You must accept and responsible for all activities and transactions placed through the use of the following things (or sharing):

  1. Your name
  2. Your account number

iii. Your user ID and password, regardless of whether your previous use is authorized by you or not.

8.5A. You can look at the provision of the service provider's responsibility for playing games to ensure that underage persons will not be allowed and being prevented from accessing the above information and / or debit / credit card information, in order to be able to play with the service provider.

  1. The service provider understands that every time you have complied with article 8.5.A and every actual bet will come from your own account, not from underage persons.
  1. If you know that there are any plays by underage persons in your account, you should report this to your local police. In case the file of reference number or equivalent is forwarded to the service provider in order to report the same thing in the control and management of matters that are consistent with Philippine law.

iii. Your user ID and password, regardless of whether your previous use is authorized by you or not.

8.6 You must be solely responsible to ensure that your betting details are correct by following other requirements here. When your bets are placed and confirmed by us, you will not be able to cancel, withdraw or change.

8.7 Please note that all bets will be kept and recorded in the transaction log database. The transaction log of the service provider will be a summary of the transaction evidence and the total time that each transaction was placed.

8.8 By complying with other requirements herein, bets will be considered valid and accepted by the service provider when the transaction number is displayed on your screen and shown directly into your transaction history.

8.9 No betting is made after the match starts and / or when the result is known at the time you place your bet. If there are any remaining errors, open for betting after the start of the match and / or when the result of the match is known, the service provider reserves the right to refuse or void each bet placed without reference from you. Accepting any bets or any part will be exercised at the sole discretion of the service provider in order to avoid any doubts in order to avoid any doubts, this 8.9 does not have a prohibition on betting "on time" or "first half".

8.10. The announcement showing the start time of the match on the website, it is used for information only. If there is a reason to accept the bet caused by the negligence of the service provider, after the match or the match started, the service provider reserves the right to cancel or void each bet.

8.11. Without other notifications within the rules for each sport or match, the result of the match or the event will be judged on the day that has the betting summary. The following inspection may affect a change of judgment ,and will not be considered by the service providers and will confirm the original betting judgment.

8.12. If the venue for the sport is changed, all bets based on the original venue will be voided.

8.13. The winner of the match or the game will be judged on the day that has the match summary, and depends on the betting rules of the company.

8.14. The service provider will not consider suspended games, protesting or changing judgments, according to the purpose of the bet.

8.15. To include bets that do not count the match or the void selection of multiple bets, betting will only decide the remaining options.

8.16. You accept that in each odd, line and handicap will be controlled up and down without any doubt, and the previous price will be pinned at the time that the bet is accepted by us.

8.17. When a mistake, error, or system failure causes the odd, line or handicap in the bet or some part of the bet is incorrect. If it is a multiple bet / parlay will be void. Error or failure management will be resolved quickly. The service providers may exercise discretion carefully (but will not bind) and try reasonably to contact you to give other betting options with the correct odds, line, handicap.

8.18. The service provider will not accept bets to replace at the same time in one match from you.

8.19. To consider any bets and those related transactions, the judgment of the service provider is considered as the final conclusion.

8.20. You acknowledge that RNG is a random search system for symbols or cards which results of casino games and other activities from the random creation is part of our service that you agree and accept. The result of issuing cards or any symbols from the random creation system operated by RNG, considered as the final conclusion.

  1. Software license

9.1 You accept and agree that the software making you access (by download or other ways) for long-distance contact on the website via your device is part of the service and is the property of the service provider and/or the licensee of the service provider and you will not receive any rights in all softwares. You will not make or find ways to modify, duplicate, edit, store, distribute, show to the public, broadcasting, including sending via cable, printing, sending, selling, renting, or issuing licenses. , or other communications, or making software for other people, or on other websites, online service or bulletin boards or media and / or other devices.

9.2. The service provider allows you to be privacy, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revoke the copyright of installation and use the software on your device (authorization). To provide for installation and use via the device that you are the main user.

9.3 The software is licensed and provided solely by the service provider for the purpose of providing end users access to the software for complete access and service.

9.4. You will not and do not allow third parties act in your name as follows;

  1. Install software on the device of the computer in the network or other actions that make the software is used through other formats, or bulletin board, online service, or long-distance contact, or network connections to other people.
  1. Distribute, rent, lease, license, overlap license, duplicate, transfer, forward or make others use the software or issue a license to use the software for others.

iii. Allow others people to use the software

  1. Create or prepare in any cases (including the absence of impersonation limits) via the software which may be used by other people.
  1. Covert engineering structure, re-compile, edit, search, create sub-tasks that use the foundation from some or all the software and / or the source code of the software or
  1. Duplicate, edit, modify, or create sub-tasks that use the foundation on the user documents related to some or all the software

vii. Access or attempt to access, or even avoid the security system of the service provider, or interfere in any way (including those that are not defined robots or similar devices) with the service or the website, or attempt to make any change in the software and/or some part of the feature.

9.5. You accept and agree that the software and the software user document provided on the website and/or via device and others owned by the service provider and/or the licensor and protected by the copyright, trademark, and other forms which are intellectual and property rights.

9.6. Beyond termination of the agreement for any reason, the license under consent will be automatically revoked, and you will stop using the software and you must uninstall the software from your device.

9.7. This software is provided "as status quo" without any warranties, assembly conditions or presentations, express or implied by other law, the service provider does not include terms, conditions, and warranties (including the ability to buy, sell, satisfaction in quality and the suitability for any purposes), and the service provider will not guarantee that the software will meet your needs.

9.8. The supplier does not guarantee that the software will not violate, or the operation of the software will fail, or stop short or any defects in the software that have been modified, or the server software which does not have a virus in contact, or system failure will appear in the connection with the account management or other components of the software. Both we and the software provider will punish you or a third party for any expenses. Loss or claim arising from such error, the service provider reserves the right in case of errors caused by deleting related games from any software and takes time on other actions to correct such errors.

9.9. You realize that the use of the software, which means downloading and activating, is your own risk.It will not be under the control of the service provider and in this case the service provider will not be responsible for consequential damage or any loss, except for injury or death caused by our negligence.

9.10. The software will collect confidential information which is considered important and valuable for the software and/or the service provider itself. You will not access or divulge any confidential information, in other words, you must strictly comply with our terms and conditions.

9.11. The service provider only allows you to access via secure system by accessing the system via username and password. You will not be able to login for playing or betting if you do not login via the secure system of the service provider.

9.12. You will not use our services for any business or be representative of someone else.

By using these services, it is considered the main purpose of yourself.

9.13. You are not allowed to let third parties use your account and you cannot use other accounts also. In other words, the payment for visiting the website or activating the software is considered your direct responsibility. To ensure that you are in regular use, before betting in any games please understand the rules and actions of that game.

9.14. The service provider takes the best data leakage protection system currently, so for logging in, members must fill in the username and password including important information. All information will be kept very well in the server via the security system by the password specified by the member. Therefore you can trust that third parties will not be able to manipulate any information or not be able to access our security system to destroy member information. If the service provider found that you attempted to access the security system by using any software, the service provider has legitimate rights to suspend the login or immediately block member accounts without needing to inform in advance.

  1. Transaction processing

10.1. When the credit/debit card is used, the cardholder's name must match the name (Name). The service provider reserves the right not to process the transaction in the event of a mismatch between the cardholder's name and the name.

10.2. You must be responsible for paying all payment to the service provider and/or other players (this may be the case). With any ways caused by payment by you, you accept that you will not or decline the payment from cardholders and / or decline or return payments, and you will pay back to the service provider. From denying payment from the cardholder, being declined or returning payment as well as general losing bets and the expense incurred by the service provider as a result, the service provider may carefully exercise sole discretion to stop the service, or pay to the user, or pay to the user who pays by credit or debit card.

10.3. Maximum payment by the service provider to any member who has correctly accepted for betting:

  1. Betting on the page of sports book with the service provider will be limited to 180,000 US dollars (or equivalent) per each payment or payment for any specific betting which may be lower; and
  1. Other bets with the service provider will be limited to 600,000 US dollars (or equivalent) per each payment or maximum payment for any specific bet which may be lower.

10.4. Your winnings are only for the number of bets and should ponder when placing bets.

10.5. All of your winnings will be added to your account. The service provider will not be responsible or help you for topping up the winnings balance/credit to the wrong account. The service provider reserves the right to void any transactions related to the amount at any time or in the past. If the amount is added to your account in error, It is your responsibility to inform the service provider immediately.

10.6. Taxes payment, fines, deductions or attachments may be applied to the amount that you bet wins under the use of the law in which you are solely responsible.

  1. Transferring money to the service providers will not be considered a relationship with the supervisor

11.1. It is a condition of permission from the time of placing bets for games, sports and other activities with advertising on the website or via any device. The service provider will comply with these terms and conditions ("Transaction") and you accept and realize that accessing any payment transaction to service providers will not be considered any relationship. Trust between both sides and in such funds, especially not a trusted service provider or administrator to you or in the name of you, or to create any trust obligations in which feature. For the service provider, you record that, for example, payment which you have to create a duty on the part of the service provider for accounting for such money. By means, according to debt from the service provider to you, it is always in accordance with the provisions contained in the service provider's terms and conditions and the withdrawal process.

  1. Accumulation of prizes

12.1. The judged-winning bets will be added credit to your account and may be withdrawn according to the withdrawal policy ,and the determination of request for copy of identity confirmation and / or credit / debit card according to our satisfaction.

12.2. When your card is authorized, your winning prizes may be added to the credit or debit card account that may be used for replacing the original deposit, cheque, or transfer via bank wire will be accepted in the name. Since deposits made by credit or debit card must have the same name as the cardholder registration.

12.3. You must have 1 time turnover of deposit amount before withdrawal from the system. The service provider reserves the right to deduct your fees in order to suit with relevant items for deposit and withdrawal transactions.

12.4. All fines from the bank that the service provider gained from or contact with your bet transaction, you must accept and compensate by yourself. The service provider will use the right to cut and offset the amount from your previous winning bet payment from your account, which may occur in this case.

12.5 The service provider will be able to transfer money to players in the way that you want. However, in this case it needs to be consistent with local laws which rules and security of both parties; the service provider has the right to transfer any winning money to the player by using the most appropriate payment method. Anyway, it depends on the discretion of the service provider.

  1. Promotion and Bonus

13.1. Promotion, bonus or all special offers will be determined by these terms and conditions and any promotion which has specific terms or conditions may be continually offered at all times but may overlap. The service provider reserves the right to suspend, revoke or modify each bonus or promotion and/or specific terms and conditions which are determined the same at any time.

13.2. In the event the service provider believe that user is in the wrong way or attempt to be in the way to get a bonus, or other promotions, or making a profit through incorrect methods, so the service provider may exercise sole discretion to prevent, decline, suspend, or revoke that user from the bonus and any promotion in reasonable way. The service provider will perform fairly. If we find that there is any action that violates the conditions, including limiting promotion claim (in accordance with article 13.5) such operations or actions are considered a violation of regulations to claim promotions.

13.3. Please note that the bonus amount will be lost from your account if you transfer the winning capital.

13.4. Every effort or bet will create credit to your account. You will receive special privileges, promotions or points, which will be adjusted after the accumulation meets the conditions, such as receiving an award within one business day, or every weekend, or monthly, or on Monday after the weekend, or the first day of work each month after the end of the promotion period.

13.5. Other promotions are able to claim just 1 time per member, household, family, same address, email, credit card number, or the computers which are shared, such as, library, university, school, relatives

13.6. Unable to claim 2 promotions, except it is specified as others. In case other promotions can be used together, they will only be used with deposit amount and bet amount on the software and our website.

13.7. The service provider has a right to cancel any bets or all bets which are made up by an individual/group of people with coordinated manner / conspiracy actions and attempt to fraud etc. These include people, relationships, organizations, price creators and employees and the money of those accounts will be confiscated immediately.

13.8. The bonus program is intended for recreation of bet players only. If a professional player or player, who is exercised discretion by us, violates the bonus system conditions in any way, the bonuses may be canceled and penalties. Bonus violations may be defined as (unspecific) customers who transfer money out for the purpose of depositing again or referred to using a new username. Punishment may be a form of increasing turnover or lose the privilege of receiving bonuses for players' accounts. For offenders as other accounts linked to each other, we also reserve the right when there is a need to restrict rights for special offers and bonuses. This includes (without restriction) Geographical Bonus Payment Restrictions due to Violation of Bonus Conditions.

  1. Compensation

14.1 You accept all compensation claims from service providers, partners, employees, officers, leaders, licensors, distributors, business associates, branches, agents of our company for loss, damage or claim. Including reasonable legal fines which may cause or consequences of accessing the website, downloading, installing software, betting and / or using the services, software and / or data, and / or for reasons that cause any violation of these terms and conditions or betting rules of the company.

  1. Rejection of responsibility and precautions

15.1. All bets are the selection, decision, discretion and risk of your luck solely. By various actions, you agree to be non-invasive, not objectionable, dishonest or rude to the service, via the website and information. Some judicial powers are not legally valid for online gambling and / or outside online betting, while there are others activate to violate the gambling law specifically (within the jurisdiction of the court and / or outside the jurisdiction), we do not intend for any user to use and access the website, information and / or services, or use and access from illegal site.

15.2. The service, software, via the website or information provided on a basis "No change (as is)" or specific record prepared for these terms and conditions, the service provider will not be a representative or guarantee in any ways of the service, via the website, the software and information specified therein.

15.3. In case of system or communication errors related to accounting or any component of the service, the service provider will not be responsible for any consequences of the error, and the service provider reserves the right to void all bets that affect the error and take any action to resolve the error.

15.4. The service provider will not be responsible for or endorse any damage, loss, any expense that includes intervention or damage to device, or your internal information to contact for access, use or participation in the services, via the website, software and information. The service provider will refuse to certify, be representative and be responsible for all aspects of the services, via the Website, the software and any information that may be included to management by a third party but not including broadband service providers and long distance communication. We will not be responsible for any account that violates or ignores the presence of a third party partner as well.

15.5. The service provider, relevant people, business associates, partners, officers, employees, and agents will not be responsible for any damages, losses or expenses, including direct damage without limits, indirect, consequences, special or economic damages from or in contact with access or use the services, via the website, software, and your information, or downloading, installing or using your software regardless of whether the service provider has introduced each possibility or not. In any events with the maximum extent of the law, the service provider will be responsible for all, if there is a cause, loss or damage (whether it is a basic contract, violation, debt or otherwise) related to or increasing from some content, events or circumstances or all of which are directly related to your bets with us that will not exceed the limit that you bet on.

15.6. You acknowledge that some information or all considered a temporary event by nature or may be updated, changed or modified with a defined terms and conditions, therefore you acknowledge that the information provided will be used for reference only and does not cause introduction, persuasion and uncontrollability, and will not cause agent bonding, certification, commitment or any trust in your part by nature.

15.7. You acknowledge and agree herein to the disclaimer and exclude all the responsibilities defined in the terms and conditions that represent justice and sharing reason at risk, and the benefits of the agreement between you and the service provider. Important factors into consideration including the absence of the limit of consideration fees set by you and the service provider, you must accept in the future that the disclaimer and restrictions will apply to the maximum expansion by law.

15.8. If you have a dispute in the case of a game result or any match, you must file a complaint with us within 3 days from the date of the outcome of the game or any match. In case the result does not match between on your device and the transaction log in our system, you acknowledge that the results in our transaction log system have been certified by the Chief Technological Officer of us to be conclusive evidence and there is no dispute in any result.

15.9. The service provider is pleased to offer fair and fast service without paying any fees. Your database will be with us for 5 years (From the day you start the transaction) and you are able to check at any time by submitting your request to us.

15.10. The prohibition of money transfers by foreign players conforms to the policy and anti-money laundering treaty. We do not allow or accept money transfers between players' accounts if we find that the player is in the process of transferring money (including via playing poker called "Chip Dumplings") may transfer money back at the sole discretion of us. In such a case, in our sole discretion may close the account and the total balance (including any deposits and winnings) may be forfeited.

15.11. The combination of bets "players or group of players who participate in any form of betting (commonly known as" combination ") to receive a win bonus or bonus activity or in any other way that there may be only one account in all accounts and any duplicate accounts will be combined into one account. However, fees may be imposed on management and denying payments to the duplicate accounts and depend on the sole discretion of us. In addition, we reserve the right to forfeit the principal amount of the bet that is deliberately played for fraud in order to receive the money.

  1. Authorized to close player accounts or suspend the service

16.1. An additional provision to the rights of the service provider under this consent, the service provider reserves the right to exercise the sole discretion to void any winning bets and pay a fine on your betting account. To terminate the agreement and / or suspend service / stop responding to the player's account, If the service provider has a basic reason to believe or prove in the following cases:

  1. You have an account with the service provider more than one account;
  1. Name is not the same as the name on the credit or debit card, or payment account used to purchase and deposit money with the service provider;

iii. You join the promotion with the service provider and withdrawing money before the promotion is complete;

  1. You provide incorrect or fraudulent registration information;
  1. You do not follow or ignore to request information in identity verification;
  1. Your age doesn't reach the criteria as required by law;

vii. You access and participate in the service that the jurisdiction of the court judges this service is prohibited by law;

viii. You have "Charged back" or defraud "rejection of payment from cardholders" us, or reject any transactions, or deposit money into the player's account

  1. You make a deposit with the origin of corruption, or other legal offenses, or unauthorized operations;
  1. You have been found that there is fraud or attempt to defraud, or being cheated by someone or some group, or if judged by the service provider that you have hired, or use artificial intelligence or any system (including machines, computers, software or other automatic systems) that are specifically designed to destroy the service provider's system, or found that you conspire with other players in order to defraud service providers (or this may happen to others);
  1. You allow and let (with wittingly or unwittingly) any person to use the player's account;

xii. You have breached the terms of the agreement and any conditions according to the purpose of this agreement;

xiii. The service providers will be able to recognize if you play with other online gaming websites under any of the situations defined in section 16.1 to (xi) above or

xiv. Your disclosed use is wrong because you are in the Philippines, Taiwan, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Reunion

16.2. If the provision of the service is suspended and / or your account has been stopped responding due to the reason from article 16.1 above, the provision of the service will reinstate and / or open the response of the player account after being corrected by you only(If able to do) and each event will be proved according to our satisfaction.

16.3. When a member account is suspended or closed for any reason, the service provider has the rights to see as appropriate that:

  1. Rejection to register on the website in any way from member applicant;
  1. Rejection to accept bets;

iii. Changing, suspending, removing, editing or adding any games or tournaments;

  1. Any investigation with you, including to check credit with third parties and financial institutions, to accord with the information that you provide to the service provider;
  1. In case of any dispute about betting or winning amounts, the service provider is the final judge to suspend any payments or winnings reasonably until the winner's identity is verified and thoroughly examined before paying to those who win the prize.
  1. The service provider sees as appropriate to suspend any payment or win until the winner's identity is verified and thoroughly examined first before paying to the person who wins. In this case, the member must submit a ID card or any identification document to us for inspection;

vii. At any time, If we found that you cooperate with a third party for disclosure of member information according to policy and privacy conditions that the service provider has specified; and

viii. In such a case, the service providers consider you have done fraud which causes any payment to you being revoked all. The service provider has the right to suspend the payment or any winnings (if necessary) and legally charge at your overdue balance. If you are playing any live games and have money in the system, the service provider reserves the right to suspend all money which may exceed the amount you have deposited.

16.4. If you would like to close your account , you can do it all the time. In such a case, the service provider needs to see the submission of the request through writing via email, fax, letter but excluding chat or SMS by submitting the request to us via email as the contact information on the website. After that, closing your account will be effective within 45 hours and any remaining balance must be withdrawn. If there is a reason to immediately close the account, you need to notify the customer service as soon as possible and the notification will be written through various channels as stated above.

16.5. If you think you want to stop gambling, please contact the customer service immediately to notify the temporary account closing process. You need to specify the closing time (How long is it closed): 7 days; 1 month; 6 months; Or longer as you wish. After closing the player account, you will not be able to login to the system again as the time period you have specified.

  1. Link to external websites

17.1. The website may link to external websites which are not maintained by the service provider. Links to external websites will only be handled by your suitability and the service providers will not be responsible and does not guarantee the assurance that the content of each website is connected correctly, current or maintained.

17.2. The service provider will not be responsible for or certify any thing which does not have a provision or review, does not consent or approve, and will not be representative, or endorse in any way of the content, or privacy practices of external websites, products or services that may have advertisement, sale or other actions on external websites.

17.3. The service provider will not be responsible for legal matters regarding contracts, violations, negligence and others for loss or damage for any reason caused by any connection that you use to link to external websites which are provided on our website.

17.4. Beyond those provided by the service provider, it will be considered not under the relevant circumstances or join together in the report, comments, trading or trademark, logo, symbol or any device which appear outside on external websites, or products ,or services that may be advertised, sale, and others which are available on external websites, or by the operator, or the owner of an external website, or any person who participates in external websites in any way.

  1. Link the to website / website structure

18.1. You will not associate ,or intrude ,or connect to any part of the website, service or data structure.

  1. Adding or stopping the continuation of the game

19.1. The service provider reserves the right by not taking any responsibility with pondering solely and without informing you to add games or new activities to the website, or start, stop, stop continuity, restrict access or edit any game or activity at any time.

  1. Violation of terms and conditions

20.1. The service provider reserves the right to seek all legal means and any correctness which caused a breach of the terms and conditions, including the right to refuse, or a restrict access to services, via the website and personal information, or hinder access from specific internet addresses, or through the device of the service, via the website, or information at all time and 

be the absolute discretion of us solely without conditions for any reason.

  1. Priority

21.1. The betting rule of the company, which is applied and any other terms and conditions that control the use and access to the services, software, information and website, will be in the important part of these terms and conditions.

21.2. Any conflict between the terms of the company's betting rules and other terms and conditions, and conditions for controlling the use and access of the services, software, information and website, and these terms and conditions. Without any other conditions, these terms and conditions will be considered the most important.

  1. Force Majeure

22.1. If the service provider fails or delays in any efficiency of obligation under these terms and conditions because the occurrence of a supernatural situation is beyond the control of the service provider, including (but not limit to any natural disaster phenomenon, change rules or regulations, being or not being affected by political issues, civil or military power, court orders, terrorism, lightning or fire, assault, the lockout or other labor dispute, flood, drought, war, riot, theft, transmission or failures, failure or interruption in the communication distance, or broadband services, failure or energy allocation or insufficient equipment, dangerous weather, earthquakes and natural disasters ("Force Majeure Event"), which affects failure or delay that cannot violate these terms and conditions, you accept to do whatever to reduce the consequences in every cause.

22.2. If force majeure occurs or any continual situations and may be extended for this reason, thus any obligations of the service providers must be suspended.

  1. Removal rights

23.1. Mistakes by the service providers in practice at any time and preparation will not be interpreted or deduced to be the removal rights of the service provider or in any way which affects the correctness of any or all of the terms or conditions, or damages of the service provider will be managed in the future.

  1. Determination of rights

24.1. In some case or any part of the agreement, the terms and conditions will be determined by the assignment agreement in disapproval, illegitimate or ineffective to any extent in each condition. Moreover, the procurement will have increased violence from the terms, conditions and the original procurement still have a value and the highest legal enforcement.

24.2. In this case, it is a part which is considered invalid or unenforceable that will be corrected certainly in relevant laws to reflect the possible extent of the service provider as the original intention.

  1. All agreements

25.1. All terms and conditions will be regarded as a representative to accept the conditions between you and the service provider, and can be used instead of agreement for understanding or any management between you and the service provider, whether in speech or writing.

  1. Legal control and judgment

26.1. You agree that access and use of the services, websites, software, information and interpretation of these terms and conditions will be controlled and interpreted according to the legal agreement of the Philippines.

26.2. Subject to conditions 26.3, any disputes or claims arising from or relating to these agreements, or the cancellation, termination and void of the agreement will be judged by the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc ("PDRCI") that is effective under the arbitration rules. The authority will be PDRCI and the number of arbitrators will be three people. The service provider and you must appoint one arbitrator for each side, so that the authority will select the third arbitrator, who will act as president of the judicial bench. The place of the arbitrations must be in Manila, Philippines and the language to be used in the proceedings of the arbitration panel must be in English. The service provider, you and the court must always keep secret all matters related to the proceedings and judgments of the arbitration panel.

Despite item 26.2 above, the service provider has the right to consider initiating legal action against you in the Philippines court or in any other court which has the power to judge any dispute.

26.3. Any dispute or claim arising from or relating to these agreements or any cancellation, termination and void of the agreement and you must agree to the jurisdiction of the Philippines or other courts (as the case may be)

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